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PerTronix Electronic Ignition systems are the perfect replacement for points and troublesome factory ignitions with a dependable, self-contained and maintenance free electronic ignition system, which fits completely inside your distributor, so you can keep that ‘stock’ look in your engine.

Way back in 1991 when ‘Per-Lux’ (USA) changed their name to ‘Pertronix’ and fully committed the company to the ignition business, Pertronix Australia (then called Prestronics (Aust) Pty Ltd – Trading As Pro Quip) were there. Securing the exclusive distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand, Pertronix Australia set about assisting Pertronix USA with the development of many ‘Ignitor – Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits’ specifically for the Australian Market. With the assistance of industry experts, Pertronix Australia designed and developed kits for the most popular Australian Models such as Ford, Holden, Toyota and Nissan, with many of these kits still being our highest selling units 31-years later. Offering full Warranty Support and Technical assistance, with hundreds of kits on hand at any one time, Pertronix Australia offer unsurpassed levels of service. Call us today to see if we have a kit that can ‘Hide some Horses under your bonnet’!

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