LiQuiTube Tyre Sealant

LiquiTube_LogoLiQuiTube Tyre Sealant will prevent and repair flat tyres by permanently sealing tread area punctures for the life of the tyre, and helping to maintain correct tyre pressure. LiQuiTube Tyre Sealant is best used as a preventative measure to protect your tyres from deflating from punctures or bead leaks while out on the road. It is also just as effective when treating a tyre that has already suffered a puncture; however the convenience of not having to stop by pre-treating your tyres is something that shouldn’t be understated.

LiQuiTube is a genuine premium grade sealant, with on average 33% less product required to treat each tyre than other known brands on Australian retail shelves. So not only are you getting more Bang for your Buck, but also the peace of mind that comes with flat tyre prevention.

Here’s how LiQuiTube works…

  1. Seals punctures up to 6mm in standard tyres
  2. Seals punctures up to 20mm in heavy ply tyres
  3. Also seals Rim & Bead Leaks
  4. Coats all inner surfaces of tyre & rim
  5. Permanent seal for the life of the tyre
  6. Installs easily through the valve stem
  7. Works in any air-filled tyre
  8. Helps Maintain Tyre Pressure & Reduce Tyre Temperature
  9. Extends Life of Tyre
  10. Water Soluble
  11. Patented Formula

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