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The ignition coil of your engine is responsible for producing a high voltage spark eight times (on a V-8) for every revolution of the camshaft. This means that even a short drive into town could require well over a million sparks. In short, a coil must be engineered to perform in a harsh environment while delivery consistent, reliable performance.

Every Pertronix Coil, from the Flame-Thrower canister style to the race-bred E-Core models and our late model Coil-per-Cylinder line are designed to produce a high voltage spark with the energy needed to ensure complete combustion of the fuel mixture whether you’re engine is idling through your favorite cruise spot or at top rpm on the track.

Not all coils are created equal which is why we offer several different models. The Flame-Thrower canister style coil has been engineered to complement our Ignitor Modules and Plug n’ Play Distributors. Our E-Core style coils are designed for higher end capacitive discharge ignition systems while the late model Coil-on-Plug series are optimized to improve the spark capabilities of late model ignition systems.

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