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The PerTronix line of Ignition Boxes offer the very best in Ignition technology. The Digital HP, Second Strike, and Digital Rev Limiter offer more unique features at a competitive price than any other brand in the industry.

When it comes to getting the most performance out of your engine, having a powerful spark – and at the precise moment – is key. Plus, with today’s poor fuel blends, a higher energy spark is even more important whether your engine is stock, hot rodded or built for maximum power.

PerTronix understands the demands placed upon the ignition system and have developed several Ignition Boxes to answer the call for a reliable, precise and strong spark. Our Digital HP Ignition increases the spark output as well as the duration of the spark across the plug gap to ensure a full combustion of the fuel mixture in the cylinder.

By improving the combustion process with a higher energy spark, the engine becomes more efficient. You’ll notice quicker starts, a smoother idle, quick throttle response and even that rich exhaust note will go away. At higher rpm or on forced induction engines, the added spark duration or second spark is key to the engine pulling through top end for its best performance. The advanced technology and spark energy of our ignition boxes will deliver the performance you’re looking for.

Check out high output ignition boxes and get your engine fired up!

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