ExploSafe Cans

ExploSafe works in three ways:

  1. The high thermal capacity alloy acts as a heat sink
  2. The mesh design separates the flame into smaller burners
  3. The mesh acts as a physical barrier to the travelling flame front.

Revolutionary Operational Features and Advantages of the ExploSafe Explosion Prevention System™:

  • Prevents the detonation of flammable liquids and gases in containers
  • Limits and delays spread of fire
  • Has no life limit. This means reliable permanent safety and protection
  • Only displaces approximately 1% to 3% of the total volume of the can
  • Has no effect on the flow rate of fuel
  • Reduces evaporation of fuel by 60% at 100°F (37.8°C)
  • Is indifferent to non-polar chemical compounds
  • Does not affect the physio-chemical properties of the fuel or the container
  • Is lightweight, therefore does not increase the weight of a metal jerry can by a significant amount.
  • All fuel cans in the Pro Quip range are Certified to Australian Standard AS2906:2001 and the 20L Metal Jerry cans have also passed stringent Defence Force testing.

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