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Millions of Pro Quip Mini, Micro and Flasher Relays have been sold into the OEM and Aftermarket in Australia over the past 25 years. Pro Quip Automotive Relays are made in Korea with an impeccable record for quality which is why they are used by some of the biggest names in the industry. Pro Quip Universal Electro–mechanical and Electronic Flasher Relays meet or exceed all ADR’s, FMVSS and SAE requirements.

• Original Equipment Quality Relays
• Made in Korea
• Available in 12V and 24V with various pinouts and protection levels
• Certain versions available with plastic moulded bracket
• DIAC Protected Relays are Break-Over Voltage and Polarity Protected. DIAC offers better protection than regular diode types as it protects in both directions.
• Resistor Protected Relays dampen voltage spikes but are not polarity conscious.

Pro Quip also offers PCB and Flosser European Pinout Relays.

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