12V Flasher – Universal 2 Pin Application Relay

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12V Flasher Universal 2 Pin Application Relay

Pro Quip Flasher Relays

Pro Quip provide an entire range of Universal Electro–mechanical and Electronic Flasher Relays, which meet or exceed all ADR’s, FMVSS and SAE requirements.

Pro Quip electronic flasher relays are controlled by an integrated circuit and are not affected by voltage, load and environmental variations. Automatic load sensing is incorporated, allowing the units to operate at a consistent flash rate with varying numbers of lamps in the circuit. An accelerated flash rate provides a warning that a bulb has failed.

All Pro Quip flasher relays are individually tested to specification during manufacture. The relays are endurance tested to more than two million cycles. They also meet or exceed all applicable SAE, FMVSS and ADR13 requirements.

Common Pin Designation for Relays

Pin No.


X Turn signal flasher input
L Turn-signal lamps, left
P Pilot lamp
31 Battery negative terminal, or ground, direct
49 Turn signal flasher input
49a Turn signal flasher output

Stock Code



Load Sensitive

Rated Voltage

MAX. No of Lamps

Load Rating

NO. Of Pins

6650B P122 (A) ELECTRO-MECHANICAL NO 12V 14 20 Amp 2
6653B P242 (A) ELECTRO-MECHANICAL NO 24V 14 20 Amp 2

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