FAQ: Mr Funnel

Can I use additives in my fuel without affecting the Mr Funnel Filter?

It is not recommended that any additives be put through with fuel into the Mr Funnel Filter. Additives may strip the coating from the filter mesh and render it ineffective. If additives must be used, add to tank after filtering fuel through Mr Funnel.

How can I test a Mr Funnel to know that it works?

We recommend you test the Fuel Filter Funnel before each use. Add enough water to the funnel to cover the bottom 1/3 of the filter. This amount of water should not pass through the filter and proves it is working as designed. More than this amount will cause water to pass through the filter due to the additional head pressure caused by the mass of the excess water. If most of the filter is covered with water, the head pressure of a full funnel can force water through the filter. During proper use; as water is observed collecting in the bottom of the funnel, or the flow rate begins to slow, stop refueling and dump the water/dirt out of the funnel and then continue.

What is the difference between conductive and non-conductive models?

The conductive (Black model) Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter Funnels contain carbon injected into the raw materials allowing the funnel to conduct static electricity. Grounding is an important safety feature when handling fuel in marine and aviation applications. Please consult the owners manual of equipment to be filled for proper grounding instructions.

Do I need to replace the filter in a Mr Funnel?

No! The fluoropolymer stainless steel mesh in the Mr Funnel is designed to never need replacing. Even wiping the filter is not recommended as loose fibres may block the mesh causing the flow rate to slow. A simple tap on the concrete is all that is needed to loosen any contaminants and being a non stick surface, the filter will wash free as it is used with more fuel. There is no need to back-flow the filter.

Can I use Mr Funnel at a Bowser?

Yes! The F15C is the perfect size to use as its 45Lpm flow rate can easily cope with diesel and unleaded bowser speeds. Please note however that the flow rate on Hi-Flow diesel pumps is too great for even the F15C, so is not recommended for use with them. Smaller model Mr Funnels are best used with Jerry Cans and for smaller capacity fuel tank applications.

What liquids can be filtered by Mr Funnel Fuel Filter Funnels?

The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter Funnel is designed to remove water, dirt and debris from unleaded fuel, diesel, two-stroke mixes, kerosene and aviation fuels.

How does the Mr Funnel Work?

Mr Funnel is a fuel filter funnel that separates free water, dirt, debris and dust down to 74 micron from hydrocarbon fuels. Free water is the collection of H2O molecules in the bottom of fuel cans or drums, formed when fuel is stored for any amount of time. Free water forms due to condensation in the air and/or the separation of water molecules from fuel. As fuel is poured into the Mr Funnel, free water, dirt dust and other contaminants are prevented from passing through the filter mesh and are collected in the sump area at the bottom of the funnel. Simply discard these contents and allow the funnel to dry. There is no need to wipe or replace the filter at any time.

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