Plastic Fuel Water Cans

Plastic Fuel Water Cans Best Jerry Cans

All Fuel Cans in the Pro Quip range are Certified to Australian Standard AS2906:2001 and UN Approved. We offer two distinct designs being Fast Pour in5L, 10L, 15L and 20L sizes, and Safe-T-Pour in the 5L Size.

Pro Quip Plastic Fuel containers are Australian Made, and use interchangeable spare parts which are available in stores that stock Pro Quip Fuel Cans as packs, as well as on our website individually.

All Pro Quip Plastic Fuel cans come with an internally stored pourer that will not get contaminated with dust and is far less likely to be lost. The Fast Pour design includes an external breather hole and cap to assist in fast flow, while the Safe-T-Pour design incorporates a special Pourer Filter that gives a stop-flow function and prevents fire flashbacks.

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