Screw Cap with Hole

Fits Pro Quip Plastic Fuel Can Standard Range

The Pro Quip Screw Cap with Hole are replacement caps for your Pro Quip Plastic Fuel Can. Don’t throw away your can if you lose the cap, just replace it!


Replacement Cap for Pro Quip Plastic Fuel Cans.

Suits both Fast Pour and View Line Range Cans.

A well looked after Plastic Fuel Can will last many years. The Australian Dangerous Goods Code recommends HDPE Containers used for constant storage of fuel should be replaced after 5 years. Seals and Caps should be inspected before every use for signs of wear or damage and be replaced as necessary.

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 cm
Dimensions mm

Internal Diameter: 47mm
External Diameter: 56mm
Height: 28mm

5 Pack available through eBay



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