Metal Jerry Can Rubber Seal

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Metal Jerry Can Rubber Seal
Metal Jerry Can Nitrile Seal (bayonet style)
Safe for use with all pump fuels
Nitrile rubber suitable for all pump fuels
4.75mm thick nitrile seal
Also available as 3 Pack in Retail stores! SKU: 0995C


These replacement seals will suit all PRO QUIP Bayonette Style metal jerry cans
(5L, 10L and 20L), and all PRO QUIP metal jerry can pourers.

Simply remove the worn or perished seal and put this in its place to restore your leak-free, rust-free, tough jerry can or pourer!

If well looked after, your Metal Jerry can should last you well over 20 years.
Even though the rubber seals need to be replaced every five years or so,
there is no need to replace the whole can.

Used with Pro Quip Jerry Cans or pourers (bayonet style) only
Parts on cans should be visually inspected every use

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × .2 cm
Dimensions mm

L160 x W90x H35mm

Weight (kg)

Box Dimensions CM

L200 x W90 x H300

Box Weight



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3 Pack available through eBay SKU: 0995C



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