Traditional Style Military Cans

Traditional Style Military Metal Jerry Fuel Cans:

Pro Quip Metal Jerry Cans are built in Latvia, Europe and are based on the original German design which featured so extensively in the second world war. The patented Pro Quip secondary locking pin feature has served as the only significant improvement on the design allowing the Can to pass testing where it needs to be dropped on its nose from a height without the lid bouncing open. Don’t be fooled by cheap immitations that have the look, but aren’t the real thing.

  • Certified to Australian Standard 2906:2001 and the 20L Metal Jerry cans have also passed stringent Defence Force testing (BAM).
  • UN Approved.
  • Bayonet closure with Patented Secondary Locking Pin feature.
  • Pressure tested up to 415KPA to ensure that the can is leak proof in any position.
  • Unique 12mm square breather pipe with wide funnel opening in the spout to ensure smoother pouring of fuel.

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