Posi Wire Connectors

Wire Connectors that are quick, reliable, and reusable.

Posi connectors require no crimping as they simpily hand tighten. An electrical connector that meets the needs of todays OEM’s, and is so good, it’s reusable.

Electrical connectors, butt connectors, wire connectors and crimp connectors all required smashing metal over two wire ends and hoping it held. Posi-Products No Crimp Connectors do not vibrate loose as the majority of electrical connectors, wire connectors, butt connectors and crimp connectors tend to do.

Posi‑Lock: Join two wires without crimping or soldering
Posi‑Tap: Tap into an existing power wire without cutting or soldering
Posi‑Twist: Easy non in-line connections
Posi‑Tite: Join two wires with a Watertite Posi-Lock connection
Posi‑Seal: Join two wires with a Weather Resistant Posi-Lock connection
Posi‑Fuse: Add a Unival Blade Fuse or Round Fuse with an in-line connection

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