Metal Jerry Cans

Pro Quip Metal Jerry Cans, AFAC Colour Coded Cans, Super Cans and ExploSafe:

For over 30 years the Pro Quip Metal Jerry Can has been the highest quality portable fuel storage option on the Australian market. All Pro Quip Metal Jerry Cans are certified to AS2906:2001, stamped with UN approval and 20L versions meet stringent Defence Force Testing. Pro Quip offers 5, 10 and 20 Litre options of the Traditional Military Style Jerry Can in a wide range of colours to suit general purpose storage, camping and leisure use, emergency services use (AFAC colour coded range and ExploSafe range) and Military use (NSN). The Super Can innovation now offers the easiest and safest Metal Jerry Can to open and close with its patented design twist cap and retro-fit locking option.

Be sure to compliment your Pro Quip Metal Jerry Can with European Made Pro Quip Metal Jerry Can Accessories which include specially designed Flexible Pourers, Shut-off Pourers, Replacement Seals and Jerry Can Holders.

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