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Pro Quip has a long history of importing Automotive Electronic products from Korea and USA.

Pro Quip Korean made Automotive Relays have long been known as the highest quality on the market, even though they aren’t available in masss retail outlets. With decades of OEM use under our belt you can be certain of the best performing Mini, Micro and Flasher relays around.

Hopkins is one of the biggest suppliers in the USA of Towing product and provide exceptional quality Brake Controllers and Break-Away systems suitable for the Australian Market. The Hopkins Insight and Agility Controllers offer superior trailer Brake control at a fraction of the price of some other highly advertised brands in Australia.

Posi Wire Connectors are a unique, tool-free, solder solution for Automotive Electrical Wire Connections. Whether it’s a simple in-line connection, tapping into an existing power wire or making a neat non-inline connection, Posi has a simple re-useable solution.

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