12V Mini – High Capacity – Normally Open Relay P141270X 70A Diac

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12V Mini High Capacity Normally Open Relay

Normally Open Relays

A normally open switching relay is used to remotely connect an accessory to a power source. It prevents voltage drop to an accessory which would reduce the efficiency of the accessory and prevent overloading of switches and existing wiring circuits. Applications include air horns, driving lights etc.

DESCRIPTION: P141270X 70A Diac

Common Pin Designation for Relays

Pin No. Description

Description Abbreviations

30 –  Input from battery (+) terminal, direct 12/24V series-parallel battery switch P = Mini
85 –  Output, actuator (end of winding to ground or negative) PCB = Printed Circuit Board
87 – Output R = Resistor
86 – Input, actuator (start of winding) E = European
87a – Output 1 (NC side) A = American
O = No Mounting Bracket
X = Diac

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Wiring Diagram

6646B P141270X 12V, 70A Diac D 1 FORM A
(30/87=9.5mm) (AMERICAN)

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