10L Light Blue Plastic Water Jerry Can

The Pro Quip 10L Light Blue Plastic Water Jerry Can is 100% Australian Made from Food-Grade HDPE and is UV stabilised and BPA Free
Tinge Blue (see through) colour
Tethered cap with Food Grade Seal
Separate Breather outlet and cap for zero glug pouring
Australian Made
Replacement parts sold online, click here.

Pro Quip Plastic Water Jerry Cans are Australian Made from Food Grade HDPE plastic which is BPA free, providing a tough and durable option for water storage. Pro Quip Water Jerry Cans use the same upright military style as our Fast Pour Fuel Can range design with tinge blue (see through) and opaque olive green colour options available. Both have their advantages with the tinge blue allowing the user to easily see the volume left in the can while the heavy duty opaque olive green type inhibits sunlight from entering the can, reducing bacterial growth.

Ideal for storage of up to 10L of water
Tinge Blue colour allows water level to be seen from outside can
10.75KG weight when filled to nominal capacity with water
Upright Military Design to fit Pro Quip Can Caddy
Replacement parts available

Store upright in a Pro Quip Can Caddy during transport
Store clean and dry to prevent bacteria growth and in a dark place to prevent algae growth


25L x 16.5W x 35H




Weight (kg)

Box Qty


75L x 37W x 51H

Airing out your water container before first use is vital if your water storage is for drinking purposes.
We suggest if you can’t seem to get rid of the ‘plastic’ odor and taste, add a few drops of vanilla to your empty can, fill with about one litre of water, seal the cap and swish the water around the entire can, then empty the can, and leave the cap off for 24 hours to air it out properly.

Ensuring Your Tap Fits Perfect

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