LiQuiTube Tyre Sealant 20L Drum

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LiQuiTube Tyre Sealant 20L Drum – The world’s best tyre sealant

  • Prevents flat tyres by permanently sealing punctures
  • Balances tyres better than beads (Independently Certified in the USA)
  • Maintains pressure which reduces wear
  • Lowers temperature of the tyre by spreading the heat inside the tyre
  • Extends tyre life
  • Guaranteed for the life of the tyre

20L Drum comes with built in valve which allows contents to remain in sealed system between applications with pump inserted (sold separately) and valve connected.

Perfect for: Mining Vehicles, Long Haul Trucks, Tractors, Agricultural Vehicles, Bobcats, Back Hoe’s, Skid Steers


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LiQuiTube Tyre Sealant will Prevent and Repair flat tyres by permanently sealing tread area punctures for the life of the tyre and helping to maintain correct tyre pressure.

Here’s how LiQuiTube works…

  • Seals punctures up to 6mm in standard tyres
  • Seals punctures up to 20mm in heavy ply tyres
  • Also seals Rim & Bead Leaks
  • Coats all inner surfaces of tyre & rim
  • Permanent seal for the life of the tyre
  • Installs easily through the valve stem
  • Works in any air-filled tyre
  • Helps Maintain Tyre Pressure & Reduce Tyre Temperature
  • Extends Life of Tyre
  • Water Soluble
  • Patented Formula
Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 49 cm

Easy to use

Ready to use with no mixing or special preparation needed. And since there is no need to completely deflate heavy ply tyres, it only takes a few minutes to install in large vehicles with our hand injector pump.

No mess

Completely water soluble for easy cleanout of a tyre if recapping or patching of a large puncture is required.

Won’t harm tyre or wheel

Sealing action is completely mechanical – there is no chemical reaction that might harm the tyre or cause corrosion on the wheel.

Will not seperate

Will remain effective for the life of the tyre.

Stays in place

Will not migrate to the bottom of the tyre when the vehicle is stopped. Protection is permanent!

Effective in cold weather

Remains fluid and effective in temperatures down to -42° C.

Safe to use

Contains no asbestos fibres. As a safety precaution, eye protection is recommended when injecting into high pressure industrial or commercial tyres.


Extremely effective in tubeless tyres, less effective in tube type tyres. May not work with some low tyre pressure equalisers or indicator systems.

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