Safe-T-Pour Fuel Can

Pro Quip Safe-T-Pour Fuel Can, Revolutionising Fuel Can Safety!

One of Pro Quip’s la­­test innovate designs is the new Safe-T-Pour 5L Plastic Fuel Can, which prevents spills, overfills, and fire flashbacks.

 The new Safe-T-Pour No Spill fuel can has a unique feature which is a huge step forward in the carriage, storage and use of fuel in plastic containers.

 This unique feature is the revolutionary Patented Stop-Flow Flexible Pourer, which stops the flow of fuel once the fuel level enters the opening of the pourer.

This means there will be no overflow spillage and no continued flow after you remove the pourer from your tank.

 The Stop-Flow Pourer also prevents fire flashbacks by preventing flame from travelling up the pourer and into the can, thereby preventing dangerous fuel can explosions caused by ignited fuel vapours within the can.

 As with all Pro Quip plastic fuel cans, the Safe-T-Pour fuel can is certified to Australian Standard AS2906:2001, meaning it has passed vigorous tests including a pressure/stability test, a drop test to determine structural strength, and mass loss tests.

 The Safe-T-Pour fuel can which is proudly Made in Australia, is suitable for Unleaded, Diesel and 2-Stroke fuels. Weighing in at around half a kilo, this compact can will save you from messy clean ups, eliminate the need for a funnel, and make your storage and use of fuel a whole lot safer.

 Call us on (03) 9761 1110 or Visit Pro Quip’s website to view more information on the Safe-T-Pour Fuel Can, and watch a video of the can in action:

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