Engager Battery Monitor & Wireless Receiver – Second Generation

Originally released in 2011 as the FIRST in-cabin battery monitoring kit with wireless receiver, the second generation Pro Quip Engager Battery Monitor & Wireless Receiver (Part 20096) has undergone several upgrades from its Australian manufacturer. These upgrades provide a more cost effective and easier to install solution for drivers who need to ensure their break away batteries will perform when needed. Improvements were made to both the load testing function as well as the information LED’s in order to simplify the installation and performance in the field. Some other products in the category that perform battery monitoring rely on simple static voltage reading rather than strategic load testing of the battery. In addition to this a cooldown is fine-tuned to reduce the load on the battery being tested when the breaks are being repeatedly pressed.

Extremely cost effective not only for individual set ups but also for fleet operators; the second generation allows a caravan, trailer or horse float to be towed by any vehicle without having to rewire the tow vehicle to have it comply with the NSW RTA rules.


The ease and speed of installation of the original Pro Quip Engager Monitor unit is improved upon with the second generation. The 12 volt Transmitter unit takes about 30 minutes to install, and requires a simple 3 wire connection to the existing trailer wiring near the Break-Away battery. The new second indication LED on the monitor unit mirrors the activity of the receiver, meaning an installer no longer has to move between vehicle and trailer to check the status of the setup. Simply plug the receiver in the cabin 12 or 24 volt socket and you are ready to travel.


Because the battery monitor is wireless, there is no need to run new wiring up to the trailer plug or to rewire or replace the trailer plug itself. There is also no wiring change needed to be carried out in the tow vehicle and no need for a dedicated tow vehicle.  This means a major cost saving, and ease-of-use advantage over hard wired set ups.


Features & Benefits:

  • Australian Designed and Manufactured.
  • Enables monitoring of break-away battery from vehicle cabin with true battery load testing.
  • Simple installation with new second Monitor LED which mirrors Receiver activity.
  • No pairing of Monitor and Receiver required.
  • Load test cooldown function reduces stress on breakaway battery during use.
  • Conforms to Bulletin 6 of the NSW RTA guidelines allowing drivers to register their trailers and vehicles.

For further informational contact the Pro Quip team on 03 9761 1110

14 London Drive Bayswater, Victoria Australia 3153   (PO Box 852)

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