The rumours are false; we have NOT invented the ‘Tardis’ of Fuel Cans

Recently, some eagle-eyed customers have pointed out that we appear to have produced the ‘Tardis’ of Fuel Cans, with our incredibly popular 5L Plastic, Australian Made Fast Pour Fuel Cans embossed with a Nominal Capacity of 10L, despite their size. We would like to assure our valued customers that this is simply a minor oversight during production rather than a miraculous feat of defying the laws of physics.

You see, the trapezoid inserts on the Tool for our 5L & 10L Cans are interchangeable, with the only difference between the two being the Numeric Nominal Capacity required by the Australian Standard. The Mark/Line required to indicate the fill level of that nominal capacity is in the same location, within the trapezoid, for both sizes of Cans, so is correctly located for these 5L Cans.

So we just wanted to point out that if you bought a 5L Pro Quip Plastic Fuel Can, at the 5L Can price, with the 5L size/capacity clearly stated in the bottom left corner of the label, but it has “10L” embossed on the side, you will not be able to fit 10L into it.☺️


  • Always place your Fuel Cans on the ground and keep one hand on the Can when filling at a Petrol Station.
  • Use the ‘Litres’ counter on the pump as an indication of the volume and allow for fuel ‘remnants’ in the filler hose.
  • Ensure that the Seal is in good condition before commencing and the Cap is replaced tightly on the filled Can before lifting or loading into your vehicle (tilt or tip the Can to check this).
  • Always transport portable fuel containers in a secured and upright position, away from heat sources such as the sun, in a well ventilated space. Consider using the NEW Pro Quip ‘Can Caddy’ to secure, stabilise and transport your Pro Quip Fuel Cans (up to 10L) (

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