Half a turn is all it takes: The New Pro Quip Super Can

Relieves the Pressure from your fuel storage challenges

The all new patented Super Can from Pro Quip is a step forward in the world of portable steel fuel containers. The new Easy Open threaded design of the neck and lid makes opening, closing and de-pressurizing safer.  It is often the simplest of ideas that provide the best results, especially when they come from an Australian, family-owned business. Combining this great idea with the highest quality manufacturing Europe has to offer allows the Super Can to sit at the pinnacle of the fuel can market.

With an internally threaded neck the Super Can is able to utilize all the familiar benefits of a tethered fuel filler cap which has been specially modified to suit. Half a turn is all it takes to safely release built up pressure from within the can, which is a significant benefit over the bayonet design which has been bruising fingers since World War II. This is particularly relevant in our hot Australian conditions where even the smallest of splashes with fuel can have disastrous results. With a further few turns, the Super Can is open and ready for use. Emptying the contents of the can is made simple with the specially designed long flexible pourer that screws into the neck and includes a breathing channel for smooth flow. Closing the lid feels firm and secure with the ‘click to close’ feature of a standard fuel filler cap. The Retro-Fit Locking Cap is an optional extra that allows the can to be safely and securely locked while it is stored. Again using the benefits of the original locking fuel filler cap design, the Super Can version has been specially modified to specifically suit life on a fuel container. 

The Super Can and all of the accompanying accessories are available now at many great Automotive, Industrial and Hardware outlets such as Super Cheap Auto, Mitre 10 and Blackwoods, just to name a few. Further information can be found at www.proquip.com.au or from the friendly staff on the sales desk by calling (03) 9761 1110 during business hours.

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