LiquiTube Tyre Sealant and Coolant is not just a quick fix

This US-made tyre treatment has an impressive record over the last 25 years of extensive use in the USA and Chinese mining industries.


The product has the advantage of being half ethylene glycol for optimum cooling, with the balance a mix of fibre-based materials to seal punctures and prevent rim corrosion. It stays effective for the life of the tyre. The result is tyre performance is maximised with less vehicle downtime.


Other advantages include the way the chemical additive does not affect wheel balance, seals leaky beads, is pH neutral with an indefinite shelf life, works from minus 20 to nearly 100 degrees celcius, and is water soluble for easy clean-out. It does not void tyre makers’ warranties.


This product is easily inserted through the main valve into a tubed or tubeless tyre, and it then remains in a liquid state with all components in fixed suspension, even after coating the inside of your tyre. The result is that the ethylene glycol coolant completely coats the tyres inner wall for maximum heat dissipation, and punctures up to 6mm are quickly sealed. Additionally, wheel corrosion is avoided.


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