Can a TYRE SEALANT be considered a GREEN PRODUCT that is ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly?

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It can when it is LIQUITUBE!

When a new or recap tyre is treated with LiquiTube it becomes an airtight pressure stabilised system. The tyres will run to their optimum performance at the correct air pressure and temperature. This is due to the homogenised nature of the mixture of 48% ethylene glycol, rubber fibres, adhering agents and anti-corrosion inhibitors.

Independent industry authorities have shown that LiquiTube-treated tyres will last up to 21% longer and run up to 35°C cooler, and that fuel costs on long haul vehicles can increase around 1% for every 2psi a tyre is under-inflated!

LIQUITUBE reduces our environmental impact by increasing the life of a tyre (decreasing landfill), saving fuel (a diminishing resource), road infrastructure (less tyre drag due to under-inflation) and saving valuable man hours and lives due to less tyre maintenance being required.

LIQUITUBE is not just a bead seal, it is a complete tyre treatment manufactured to provide Economical, Safe, Environmentally Friendly performance for new or recap tyres.

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