Pro Quip Metal Fuel Can Range


The Pro Quip metal fuel cans are used for the storage and carriage of fuels such as Unleaded, Diesel, 2 Stroke 25:1, 2 Stroke 50:1, Chain and Bar Oil, Ethanol, Drip Torch, Kerosene and Bio Diesel.

Available in five litre, 10 litre and 20 litre options, this range has been a number one seller in the Australian market for more than 25 years. The rust-proof cans feature a bayonet closure with a rubber seal to make it completely leak proof in any position. The cap has the additional protection of an internationally patented locking pin to ensure it will not open accidentally.

A unique wide channel breather pipe with a wide funnel opening in the spout ensures the smoother pouring of fuel. The cans are completely lined internally with petrol and corrosion resistant coating, while the external surface is finished in a durable powder coat finish.

A filtered pourer is available that is ideal to use to fill unleaded fuel tanks, lawn mowers, edger’s and chainsaws. The pourer lip has a smooth edge for tighter sealing.

Constructed with 0.9 mm steel and featuring a heavy duty baked enamel finish, the cans fit standard RV racks. They have strip welded handles rather than the spot welding in the lower-quality Chinese copies. The extremely secure lid makes it difficult for children to tamper with.

When properly cared for, the cans last a lifetime, making them a great investment. Furthermore, Pro Quip stocks replacement rubber seals, fuel can ID tags and lockable metal holders.

The cans are made in Europe and have been subjected to drop tests, pressure tests, fire tests and mass loss tests to meet international standards.

All cans are manufactured, tested and certified to Australia/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2906:2001.

The cans have been pressure tested up to 415KPA and have achieved UN approval and meet TUV standards. The 20 litre metal jerry cans have passed stringent Defence Force testing (BAM).

The Pro Quip metal fuel cans have been colour coded in compliance with the colour coding practices endorsed by the AFAC (Australian Fire and Emergency Authorities Council).

This improves safety on worksites, as dangerous situations can be quickly identified and dealt with or avoided from a distance. The cans are available at major automotive outlets around the country.

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