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The New InSight™ Brake Control From Hopkins is a first-Of-Its-Kind Revolution in easy to use, and easy to install brake control kits

As we all know, Brake Controls are essential for those who tow heavy trailers.

The InSIGHT™ brake control with Flex-Mount™ versatility solves the problem of inconvenient mounting while increasing user safety and convenience. This is achieved by bringing the display within the driver’s line of sight and the controls within easy reach…all with no tools required and Plug-In Simple!® installation.

By keeping the Digital LED display within line-of-sight, and controls which feature a soft glowing light for easy location at night within easy reach, the InSIGHT™ brake control makes it easier to keep your eyes on the road. This means it is safer for you and those around you.

The brain behind the InSIGHT™ is packed full of advanced technology needed to handle your most demanding loads. It includes Advanced Proportional Technology, which mirrors the braking action of the towing vehicle for safe, smooth stops,

Installation is so simple. You mount it where you want it without defacing your dash with ugly drill holes. That’s right, no drilling required. The unit comes in three separate parts, so the bulkier control unit can be tucked away out of sight, yet the display and Flex-Control are easily visible, and reachable. Plus, with quick install connectors available, this brake controller is Plug-In Simple!®

Backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY, buyers will have the confidence that this controller will perform day in and day out, every time.

With features which include 7 sensitivity settings, 8 brake capacity, short-proof protection, and Electric or Electric/Hydraulic Brake compatibility, the new InSIGHT™ is a valuable and trusted piece of towing equipment.


For a stylish non-bulky unit that performs every time, check out the new InSIGHT™ Brake Control from the company that has been making your towing experience easier for 60 years: Hopkins Towing Solutions.

Providing the Ultimate Braking Experience!

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