Propulstation Jump Starters

The unique docking station of the Propulstation jump starter allows a fast and powerful recharge of the booster in recovery vehicles, and in professional garages and workshops.

Propulstation boosters come in a range of voltage options and power ranges to suit any type of petrol or diesel engine, from compact cars, 4x4s and trucks all the way up to huge construction and mining vehicles. When the Propulstation is stored in its station it is always 100 per cent charged and ready to use.

Because it is always at its maximum, the booster ensures 100 per cent successful starts whether stored in the vehicle or a dedicated place in the workshop. There are two docking stations available for both 12V/24V and 24V. The one that stays in your vehicle wires directly to the alternator. The workshop version is floor or wall-mounted and plugs straight into a wall socket.

The constant charging of the Propulstation models removes the possibility of irreversible battery sulfation, which is caused by the battery voltage dropping below12.4V. Such a scenario would eventually lead to the premature failure of the battery in your booster.

The Propulstation range utilises heavy-duty, extra-long cables that are extremely flexible and highly conductive, as well as 35mm2 or 50mm2 welding cable and tough high-current insulated clamps that won’t let you down. The Propulstation has exceptional power even in the worst conditions and still operates at peak power transfer in temperatures varying from -30°C to 60°C. The rugged 5mm moulded polyethylene case is claimed to be unbreakable and guaranteed for life.

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