Flat ‘e’ Class III Mirror Head

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Flat ‘e’ Class III Mirror Head

Dimensions: 252mm x 168mm
Glass Dimensions: 236mm x 152mm
Fitment: 16 – 22mm Ø Arms
Application: Buses & Light Commercials

Ashtree Glass Truck Mirrors & Parts

Founded in 1977, Ashtree Glass is a manufacturer of quality mirrors and mirror arms for all types of vehicles. Markets include bus, truck, construction, agricultural, fork truck and defence vehicles. They are an ISO 9001:2000 approved company whose quality system is approved and audited by the UKs VCA.

The Ashtree range of electrically adjustable mirrors has been developed to provide solutions where remote adjustment is required. Suitable for use on buses, coaches, construction equipment and all other vehicles where drivers have problems adjusting a mirror lens. The bodies are moulded from impact resistant ABS, and the clamp from glass filled nylon for added strength. These mirrors are available as both single and twin lens versions.

Ashtree Glass manufactures quality mirrors for bus, truck, construction, agricultural, fork truck and defence force vehicles. Ashtree Glass purchases glass as a raw material and cuts and shatterproofs it. This allows for flexibility and cost effectiveness, and ensures quality is monitored at all stages.

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