5L 2 Stroke 50:1 Plastic Safe-T-Pour Fuel Can

The Pro Quip 5L 2 Stroke 50:1 Plastic Safe-T-Pour Fuel Can includes Patented Fill-n-Stop pourer which eliminates risk of fire flashback
High visibility orange colour
Clear View Line with increment markings on back 5L Capacity
Australian Made from HDPE, AS2906:2001 Approved
Suitable for all pump fuels
Replacement parts sold online, click here.

The Safe-T-Pour Fuel Can from Pro Quip is an innovation in Fuel handling.


Patented Easy-Fill Flexible Pourer prevents overflow.
When fuel reaches tip of pourer, flow stop.
Patented Pourer prevents fire flashbacks.
Fuel vapour inside can is unable to ignite.
Easy Fuel Gauge viewing window.
Suitable for Unleaded, Diesel and 2-Stroke.
Certified to Australian Standard AS2906:2001.
No funnel required.
Unit Weight: 470g.
Pro Quip Plastic Fuel containers are Australian Made,
and use replaceable spare parts.

All fuel cans in the Pro Quip range are Certified to Australian Standard AS2906:2001. The distinctive colouring of the cans is to reduce the possibility of using incorrect fuels.
The space saving design of the plastic fuel can fits standard RV racks. The embossed pattern provides a slip resistant surface.
Pro Quip Plastic Fuel containers are Australian Made, and use interchangeable spare parts which are available in retail display packaging.
Pro Quip Fuel cans come with an internally stored pourer that will not get contaminated with dust etc. and pours freely without “glugging”, using the breather on the rear of the can.

Fill-n-Stop pourer eliminates risk of fire flashback and acts as a stop flow device
Ideal for storage of up to 5L of Fuel
4.2KG weight when filled to nominal capacity with unleaded fuel
Square space-saving shape
Replacement parts available

To be stored upright in a Pro Quip Can Caddy during transport
Service life 5 years


19 x 14 x 29cm

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