Green Non-Conductive Fuel Filter Funnel

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Green Non-Conductive Fuel Filter Funnel

FLOW RATE: 13L/min

Ideal for industrial mowers, go-carts, motor cycles, small marine craft, small commercial equipment.
REMOVES WATER, dirt, sand, rust and debris from contaminated fuels.
Portable, light weight, self cleaning, with no replacement parts.
Fliters petrol, diesel, 2-stroke, aviation fuels, kerosene, heating oil.


The Fuel Filter Funnel by Mr. Funnel is a heavy duty, fast-flow funnel with built-in filter technology.
The Mr. Funnel will filter dirt & water which are often found in stored fuel that causes microbial growth, corrosive acids, electrolysis and rust.

A Fluoropolymer-coated stainless steel filter prevents water and debris from passing through when fuel is poured into the Fuel Filter by Mr. Funnel, therefore protecting your engine components.

The Mr. Funnel range is suitable for fuel transfer use in Automotive, Marine, Industrial, Aviation, Recreational and Gardening. Choose the funnel with the flow rate that suits your fuel transfer needs.

NOTE: Not Recommended for use with Hi-Flow Diesel Bowsers, as they flow too quickly and can cause excessive Splashback.


Simply choose the flow rate you require.
Suitable for petrol, aviation fuel, diesel, heating oil, kerosene and 2-stroke mix.
Lightweight and portable, take it with you when you travel.
No replacement parts needed, ever.
Simply dump the sump contents, and wipe with a rag when done.
Unique Filter Technology filters to 74 microns

Weight 2 kg
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Mr Funnel Usage Instructions

Mr Funnel Usage Instructions

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Mr Funnel Editorial - APA Journal

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Mr Funnel Editorial Herald & Weekly Times

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