Spill Saver Multi-Purpose Funnel – PATENTED

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Spill Saver Multi Purpose Funnel PATENTED

290mm tapered long stem plastic funnel
90mm opening and 10mm spout tip
Patented spill saver splash guard lip
Safe for use with Chemicals, Oils and Fuels
No mess splash guard
Fits all sizes of filler tubes
Extended neck opens fuel tank trap door



Spill saver splash guard allows funnel to be positioned on an angle
Rigid tapered stem allows funnel to reach hard spots in an engine
10mm spout tip perfect for small openings on containers
Fits unleaded fuel tanks

Our multi-purpose funnels include valuable step-up features like the no-mess splash guard or flexible spout to get to hard to reach filler holes.

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13L x 40W x 11H

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