3-in-1 Water Can Spanner

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The Pro Quip 3-in-1 Water Can Spanner easily loosens a tight Water Can or Cube cap.
The easiest way to unscrew your water can or cube Bung.
When attaching your Tap in the bung hole, this makes it fast and simple to screw in.
Australian Made.

Suits parts 1004, 1001, 1002B, 0810, 0840.


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3-in-1 Water Can Spanner by Pro Quip.
Perfect for screwing Water Can Caps on and off the Pro Quip Heavy Duty Water Can range.
Bung head allows for screwing bung caps on and off.
Small hole allows for screwing Taps on and off of Water Cans.
Also fits most Water Cube Caps.
HDPE Construction
Australian Made

Suits parts 1004, 1001, 1002B, 0810, 0840.

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions .05 × .05 × .05 cm
Dimensions mm

L x Wx Hmm

Box Dimensions CM

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