Super Can Flexible Metal Pourer for Fuel

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Pro Quip Super Can Flexible Metal Pourer for Fuel Pro Quip Super Cans
Unleaded specific spout end
Metal gauze at spout end to prevent contaminants
Ball valve air-channel to allow smooth pouring
375mm length
Includes Nitrile Ring Seal
Safe for use with all pump fuels

Unleaded tip end suited to unleaded vehicle tank flaps
Breathing channel allows fast flowing, zero glug, uninterrupted pouring
Allows the 20L Pro Quip Super Can to empty in 120 seconds

Only to be used with Pro Quip Super Can
Always have breathing hole aiming up when pouring
Store in a clean, dry place after use

Dimensions mm

L490 x W135 x H70mm

Weight (kg)

Box Dimensions CM

L570 x W200 x H250

Box Qty

Box Weight


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