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SeatSnug® is a first-of-its-kind seatbelt enhancement developed using the patented CG-Lock® technology to keep children in booster seats more secure, stable and comfortable.

This innovative enhances both the safety and comfort of children riding in booster seats. It allows the lap belt to be lightly tightened around a child’s hips while riding in a vehicle, preventing seatbelt slack or looseness from developing.

By gently securing a child while riding in a booster seat, SeatSnug® substantially eliminates bouncing, rocking, tipping, falling over, submarining, and ejection, thus reducing the potential for injuries and death in vehicular accidents. At the same time, SeatSnug® improves child stability and comfort.




Children in booster seats are at risk of injury and death due to seatbelt slack (looseness). The three-point seatbelt commonly used in motor vehicles, represents a compromise between safety and comfort.

A three-point seatbelt allows slack to develop in the lap belt portion while children (or adults!) are riding in a vehicle.

Seatbelt slack is acknowledged in the auto industry as a major contributor to injuries and deaths in vehicular accidents.

A loose seatbelt allows a child in a booster seat to bounce around, rock, tip, slide, and even fall over during normal vehicle maneuvering, which can result in injuries, such as a child’s head being thrown against the side of the vehicle, as well as leading to child discomfort, including motion sickness.

In frontal impact accidents or during panic stops, a loose seatbelt can further lead to a child submarining under the lap belt. Loose lap belts are also contributors to children, whether in a booster seat or riding without a booster seat, ejecting out of the seatbelt in rollover accidents, allowing children to “fly around” the vehicle, resulting in the potential for severe injuries and even death—even though the seatbelt was buckled!


Easy to Install and Use!

SeatSnug® slides over the (single-pass) tongue of your seatbelt making installation quick and easy.

Once installed just buckle your child and booster seat in, ‘enable’ the SeatSnug®, then pull on the shoulder/sash belt to tighten the lap portion of the seatbelt. SeatSnug® stays secure while leaving the shoulder/sash belt unrestrained for your child’s routine travel activities.


How Does SeatSnug® Work?

SeatSnug® can be easily and quickly clipped onto a vehicle’s existing factory installed (single-pass tongue) seatbelt. When a child in a booster seat is buckled up, the SeatSnug® can be ‘enabled’. The lap belt may be lightly tightened around the child’s hips by pulling up on the shoulder strap to more safely secure the child. This will not affecting the normal operation of the shoulder strap.

Thus, SeatSnug® enhances child safety while maintaining and enhancing comfort.

The SeatSnug® is equipped with an “on/off” function (an “enable/disable” feature). Switching between these settings should only be done with the vehicle safely parked. The feature has been designed for ease of use for adults, but is almost impossible for a child to activate, thereby keeping restless children safely in their seat.

SeatSnug® incorporates the unique race-track proven, crash tested, and patented CG-Lock® Technology (visit for more insights about the CG-Lock).

The CG-Lock® technology received the US National Parenting Centre’s Seal of Approval as a unique car safety device that stabilises children in booster seats to increase child safety and comfort.

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