Safe Jack Compact Jack Stand Base 8″x 10″

Safe Jack Compact Jack Stand Base 8inch x 10inch

  • Compact Heavy Duty wide stable Base
  • Use with Bottle Jack Recovery Kit extensions
  • Perfect compact size to store when out on the track
  • Adjustable extension heights mean flexibility
  • Provides excellent flotation and stability



If you’ve ever jacked your vehicle up, you’ve seen this message:

“Warning! To avoid injury or death, support the load with a suitable support”

Our Compact Jack Stand Base solves the problem of where to find a suitable support when you’re ‘Out Bush’. You will feel a lot safer getting under a vehicle when you know it’s supported by a jack stand, rather than just the jack.

Combine the jack stand base with any number of the Safe Jackā„¢ Extensions and Jack Pads to meet your needs, or add the jack stand base to a Bottle Jack Recovery Kit to give yourself all the right tools to lift and support a vehicle safely.

The wide base plate provides great flotation and stability and the interchangeable and stackable extensions let you extend to any practical height.
This is a very capable system to get you out of trouble and keep you safe on your travels.

The base is rated to hold up to 3 Tons.
Pair the base with our Adaptor 14180, and you can safely hold a load of up to 5 Tons!


  • Load Rating: 3 tons with standard extensions
  • Load Rating: 5 tons with 14180 Adaptor
  • Durable steel construction
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Shipping weight: 3kg
  • Base size: 20 x 25 x 6.4cm

Safe Jack Range Brochure


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