Safe Jack Compact Jack Stand Adaptor

The Safe Jack Compact Jack Stand Adaptor enables our Compact Jack Stand Base to support up to 5 Tons

  • Use with Bottle Jack Recovery Kit extensions
  • Use with the Compact Jack Stand Base 14170
  • Increases Jack Base support limit from 3 Tons to 5 Tons



Every jack comes with a warning similar to this one.

“Warning! To avoid injury or death, support the load with a suitable support”.

Our Compact Jack Stand Adaptor provides extra support to your Compact Jack Stand Base. You are always going to feel a lot safer getting under a vehicle when you know it’s supported by a stable jack stand, rather than just the jack.

Combine the jack stand adaptor with any number of the Safe Jack™ Extensions and Jack Pads to meet your needs, or add the jack stand base and adaptor to a Bottle Jack Recovery Kit to give yourself all the right tools to lift and support a vehicle safely.
The interchangeable and stackable extensions let you extend to any practical height.

The Compact Jack Stand Adaptor will fit inside the Bottle Jack Recovery Kit bag, making it part of a very capable system to get you out of trouble and keep you safe on your travels.


  • Load Rating: 5 tons when used with the Compact Jack Stand base
  • Durable steel construction

Safe Jack Range Brochure


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