Metal Jerry Can Pourer Seal – Nitrile Rubber

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Metal Jerry Can Pourer Nitrle Seal
3.3mm thick nitrile rubber
Wider internal cut-out shaped specifically for Pro Quip Metal Jerry Can Pourers
Suits Pro Quip Parts: 0993C, 13300, 23300 and 13400.


Inspection of your Pro Quip Pourer Seal is quick and simple and should be done each time the Pourer is used. Look for signs of perishing or cracking to indicate the need for replacement. You will find compression marks on the seal where it meets the neck of the can, this is normal and a good sign that the seal is doing its job.

Ensure that when the seal is replaced that the rubber is sitting as flat as possible against the pourer lid.

If you find the replacement seal makes it harder to get the Jerry Can tines to fully engage, you can apply grease to the tines to reduce the friction causing the tine to jam. This will also save the powder coat on the tine from being shaved down when used.

Pro Quip Metal Jerry Can & Pourer Seals are made from Nitrile Rubber which is designed for use with pump fuels.

Ethanol blends will increase the rate at which seals need to be replaced.

Please Note: The Jerry Can Pourer Seal is thinner than the Seal on the Jerry Can Lid, with a wider provision in the middle and should only be used to replace seals on the Pourers.

Suits Pro Quip Parts: 0993C, 13300, 23300 and 13400.

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × .2 cm

2 Pack available through eBay



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